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Corrosion Management

SN Integrity can help to manage the integrity of your static equipment Offshore and Onshore including vessels, pipelines, piping, tanks, utility & marine systems in the following areas/activities:

  • Development, selection and implementation of corrosion monitoring devices (smart UT sensors for continuous corrosion monitoring, guided ultrasonic, Corrosion coupons, probes, corrosion inhibitors) including mitigation activities to ensure asset integrity.
  • Preparation of corrosion management plan (CMP), including corrosion loops, inspection strategy, mitigation, and actions to implement the strategy together with performance standard to measure effectiveness of CMP.
  • Failure mode effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) adding lessons learn into CMP.
  • Research focus on new technologies and current tendencies based on Internet of things (IoT’s) applicable to pressure equipment for improvement of integrity and life cycle costing.
  • Review and assessment of Pipeline surveys supervision using techniques such as in line inspection, CP Close Interval, DCVG, internal corrosion monitoring, etc., data analysis and recommendations to ensure mechanical integrity, through maintenance and repair.
  • Development temporary repair strategies and procedures for pressure containment equipment.

NDT Inspection

  • Selection of suitable NDT technique (s) to adrress a particular application.
  • Support you with cost-effective selection of new technologies to manage your asset integrity.
  • Preparation of Inspection and test plans (RBI and Prescriptive) & Inspection and Maintenance Repair (IMR) Budgeting, Organize, Execution, Data management, Control and Validation all inspection engineering activities including review and acceptance of repairs.

Customise Ultrasonic Sensors and application

  • We have partnership with industry-leading worldwide, coupled with over 30 years of combined experience in inspection and corrosion, enable us to support you with selection and application of high quality products to manage your asset integrity.
  • with some of the more advance very keen to hear about your current asset integrity issue. Whenever you are confronted with a demanding inspection and monitoring situation but there is not a commercial solution available, SN Integrity is ready for the challenge, working with our partners in the design and fabrication of customised ultrasonic systems to fulfil your needs.

Remote Visual Inspection

We can help you with your visual inspection needs supplying a PTZx inspection system or the Industry’s first field-hardened motorized retrieval tool with integral HDTV camera and LED lighting, the new Jaw 2.0™. This is ideal for:

  • Storage tanks and vessels (underground and above)
  • Nuclear reactor pressure vessels and fuel pool
  • Refractory-lined vessels, drums, towers, stacks
  • Underground vaults, manholes, shafts