Inductosense innovative ECHO solution allows ultrasonic thickness measurements to be taken underneath thick layers of insulation. The insulation doesn’t have to be removed in order to monitor the embedded pipe/vessel, saving costs, time, and minimizing the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Monitoring under insulation

A key limitation in conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) is the need to remove insulation in order to gain access to the embedded pipe/vessel underneath. This process can take time, meaning personnel spend longer on site. In addition, each time insulation is removed, the risk of CUI increases due to exposure to the outside environment.


Inductosense has developed an innovative solution that works with the existing WAND system. The ECHO extension coil is a thin, flexible, and robust cable that can be overlaid on top of pre-installed sensors and then threaded through thick layers of insulation. Thickness measurements can then be taken by the WAND on the other side of the coil, outside of the insulation.

ECHO Long 1 1024x172
Echo Product Pic
  • Overlays easily on top of preinstalled sensors
  • Available in a selection of different lengths
  • Thin, flexible and robust
  • Eliminates need for inspection ports

How it works:

ECHO Field SensorExposed Small 1 375x375 1


Install TMS-Sensor on the surface of the pipe
ECHO Field Exposed Small 2 380x380 1


Place ECHO on top of sensor and run other end to the outside of the insulation
ECHO Field SemiCovered Small 3 379x379 1


Replace the insulation and metallic jacket, the ECHO and fit between the joints in the jacket
ECHO Field Coverd Small 4 377x377 1


Take unlimited readings from embedded sensor without having to remove insulation